About GRIT


Definition of GRIT: strength of character; courage and resolve.  

GRIT Philosophies:   

• To provide our clients with the best plan to improve their current level of physical fitness and reduce chance of future injury.

• To develop a platform that allows for the most efficient assessment of human performance. 

• To understand a body of research that supports certain assessments, exercises, and targets that have shown to improve injury mitigation. 

• To provide an environment that is fun, engaging, and educational; to create a GRIT family. 

• To support our trainers educationally with the highest level of current research to support all programming. 

• To provide ease of access to healthcare providers in the case of possible health concerns. GRIT is a fitness solution dedicated to improving fitness and preventing injury. 

There are many tenets of human performance including strength, mobility, power, speed, coordination, balance, and endurance. Intelligent training includes understanding your current fitness level and goals through a detailed assessment and then designing the most efficient program to help meet your needs. GRIT can address your fitness goal with a personalized fitness plan in either a 1 on 1 or small group setting. Our entire process has been developed and continues to be developed by a diverse group of medical and fitness professionals. Designing intelligent programming means that there is a reason for every exercise, form, sets, reps, rest, and pace. The creators of GRIT have seen too many injuries resulting from current fitness participation and are dedicated to helping their community to reach fitness goals in a safe and healthy manner. 

GRIT lives by the motto that: YESTERDAY IS NOT TODAY; GO GET IT!