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Dominik is a Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from North Park University. Dominik has worked at some of the top fitness centers in the Chicago area helping individuals attain their fitness goals and improve their overall quality of life. As former college soccer player and coach with over 8 years of experience, Dominik developed a passion for working with people from all walks of life and fitness levels. His holistic approach to fitness guides his work with individuals recovering from injuries and health concerns all the way to working with accomplished athletes looking to enhance their performance level. Dominik believes that helping people reach their fitness goals begins with teaching/coaching people through simple lifestyle adjustments such as, proper movement techniques and prioritizing ones health needs. These two basic tenets are a significant part of every personal training session no matter the person’s fitness level. Dominik begins with assessing ones fitness, developing appropriate and attainable goals, re-evaluating and adjusting the goals. His hope is that through every step of his personal training sessions, his clients are able to see and feel the positive results in and outside of the gym. 


Matt is a fitness and performance coach specializing in mobility and joint health utilizing techniques based on the FRC® systems. He has experience in training strength and conditioning for all different types of clientele from a variety of different backgrounds. Matt has been a lifelong athlete, training in wrestling, judo, jiu jitsu, and boxing and has a B.S in Kinesiology from Michigan State University. Matt is an ACSM certified personal trainer.  


“There is no better machine than your body.” As a GIFT Fellow of Applied Functional Science (AFS), Jovon concentrates on experiences that improve strength, while also focusing on flexibility and proper range of motion in all three planes (front to back, side-to-side and rotation). 

With Jovon you will create a partnership that will not only help you meet your health and fitness goals, but also empower you to take accountability and make changes necessary for lasting transformation. 

Training Expertise:

· Parkinson’s 

· Senior Rehabilitation

· Multiple Sclerosis 

· Youth and Collegiate Athletics

· Yoga Certified


“Move it or lose it.” For Annette, fitness is a tool. Used well, it can dramatically improve how we function in the world. Used poorly, it can create injury and unnecessary stress. 

As a former professional soccer player, Annette has a unique perspective that blends strength and flexibility. She is meticulous about proper alignment and works to enhance stability and body awareness with the infusion of yoga. Annette designs classes that provide deep stretching to overworked areas, while strengthening smaller muscle groups that tend to be overlooked in general group fitness. 

Training Expertise:

· 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher (e-ryt) 

· Yoga for athletics/rehabilitation

· Collegiate Fitness

· Group Fitness


Jessica is proud to partner her practice Find Your Center with GRIT Fitness. She feels that the principal of an Intelligent Training model that GRIT adheres to will be a wonderful fit for her company.

"Find your center and build from there." Jessica specializes in building core strength through personalized one-on-one reformer sessions. Through her own challenges in strengthening her back, she’s learned the many benefits Pilates has to offer. She creates tailor-made sessions that focus on each individual’s needs and goals; whether it’s rehabilitating or strengthening she will help guide you to reach your goal. Her unique combination of Reiki and Pilates provides a holistic whole-body, whole-mind approach that goes beyond the reformer.  Jessica is a certified Pilates Instructor and Reiki Practitioner.

Our Team

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